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When you started your Profit Wolf membership you should have received a welcome email with a PDF that contains step-by-step instructions to connect your ProfitWolf account to Amazon. So you can either watch this video or follow the PDF instructions, they're basically the same :)

1. Connect ProfitWolf to your Amazon Pro Seller Account

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In this short video we go over ProfitWolf's basic settings menus and tabs.

2. Options and Settings

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How to launch your very first scans on ProfitWolf? First of all, you need to select an Amazon marketplace. This is the marketplace where you want to list your products on. You do that by selecting a flag on the upper left corner. Then you have to pick a supplier (you can filter them by country) and a category. finally just click scan and you're all set!
You can also scan a specific URL of any of our sites. To do that, just copy any URL from any of the sites available on ProfitWolf and launch a scan. The tool will run a scan on that specific URL just as it would for a normal scan.

3. Launching your first ProfitWolf scans

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A quick overview of how to read your search results.

4. Analyzing your ProfitWolf search results

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How to do Dropshipping on Amazon with ProfitWolf? This video shows you the process step by step.

5. Dropshipping on Amazon with ProfitWolf

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In this video we're checking out a feature that lets you find products that are not yet available on Amazon. You can run normal searches and then click on the "Items not in Amazon" tab and it will give you all the products that the software could not find on Amazon.

6. Finding products that are not yet listed on Amazon

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Most recent feature, you can now upload wholesale lists from your favorite wholesalers, or even from retailers to ProfitWolf.

7. Uploading and scanning wholesale lists to ProfitWolf