Find Profitable Products to Sell on Amazon.

ProfitWolf scans millions of products and lets you know which ones you can sell on Amazon for a profit. You can do both Amazon FBA and Dropshipping.

Find Profitable Products to Sell on Amazon.

ProfitWolf scans millions of products and lets you know which ones you can sell on Amazon for a profit. You can do both Amazon FBA and Dropshipping.

Amazon FBM - Beta Testing

Dropshipping step-by-step process

Here's how you will use Profit Wolf to dropship your products

  • 1
    Pick a few sites to scan
  • 2
    List products on your seller account
  • 3
    Make sales and fulfill orders
  • 4
    We keep your products in sync
  • Choose the marketplace where you want to sell on.

  • Pick a site and a category to scan, choose your filters and click scan!

  • You can close the window and get back to your life. Profit Wolf will analyze thousands of products and compare them against Amazon's prices. You will receive a notification once your scans are ready.
ProfitWolf Sites to Scan
  • For each completed scan, choose the products that you want to Dropship. Don't worry about brand restrictions, we will automatically take care of that for you.

  • For each product that you are about to Dropship, set your pricing and max. stock policies. For example: choose to always make 60% ROI for a few products and 40% ROI for other products.

  • Click on "List the selected items". You are done!
    Profit Wolf will automatically detect the products that you are not eligible to sell and will list those that you can sell.
ProfitWolf Sites to Scan
ProfitWolf Sites to Scan
  • Every 50 minutes Profit Wolf will make sure the price on your source site hasn't changed.

  • If the price has changed, we will automatically reprice your items on your Amazon account according to your repricing policy.

  • If the item is out of stock on your source site, we will set the stock quantity to 0 on your Amazon inventory.
ProfitWolf Sites to Scan
User Results

Some of our clients results

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Other money-making features you'll love

You can do both Amazon FBA & Amazon FBM

FBA Online Arbitrage

Online Arbitrage with FBA

You buy discounted products from our list of suppliers/retailers, you then send your stock to Amazon's warehouses which then takes care of fulfilling your orders.

Dropshipping Arbitrage

Dropshipping with Amazon FBM (Amazon Pro accounts only)

You can also ship the arbitrage deals you found directly to your customers. Profit Wolf keeps your products in sync between the retailer you found them on and your Amaozn inventory.

ProfitWolf Demo
Wholesale lists

Wholesale lists

ProfitWolf also lets you upload your own list of products. You can for example upload .csv lists from BigBuy and find out which products will be winners.

Wolf Picks

Our own arbitrage deals: Wolf Picks

We will periodically give you arbitrage deals so you don't have to do (almost) any work. You can usually make at least a 5-euro profit on each of those products.

Pricing Table

Monthly or Yearly.
Choose Your Best Plan.

When you pick a yearly plan you get a massive discount, but you need to pay everything upfront.
Use the Monthly/Yearly switcher below to see how much you can save.

Do you have a promo code?

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59Per Month
  • Unlimited daily scans
  • 5 scans running at once
  • 80 tracked products for dropshipping
  • 2 Wolf Picks per week
  • Faster servers
  • Priority support
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Scan more, faster.
99Per Month
  • Unlimited daily scans
  • 15 scans running at once
  • 200 tracked products for dropshipping
  • 4 Wolf Picks per week
  • Faster servers
  • Priority support

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Automatically scan thousands of products

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1. Choose a marketplace and country.

The marketplace is where you want to list your products on. The country is where you will be buying your products from.

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2. Pick a supplier and start scanning.

Choose a supplier from our huge list of retailers and wholesalers and launch your scans! You can close your web browser, ProfitWolf will take it from here.

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3. Analyze your results and start selling!

Once the software has completed a scan you will get a notification and a detailed report containing all the products that match your profitability filters.

ProfitWolf screenshot
WolfPicks Screenshot

Wolf Picks

You don't even need to scan anymore...
We tell YOU what to buy!
It won't get easier than this... We litteraly show you:
  • What to buy and where
  • Where to resell it
  • At what price

Every week you will receive between 2 (silver members) and 4 (gold members) products carefully selected by our team.
You can usually make at least a 5-euro profit on each of those products, after Amazon fees!

We get these questions all the time

Q. How many scans can I run per day?

There is no daily limit. You can launch as many scans as you want, but you are limited to respectively 15 and 5 scans at once for the Gold and Silver membership plans.
For example, if you have the Gold membership, you can launch 15 scans, and you have to wait for at least one scan to complete in order to run a new one.
This means that in theory you can launch hundreds of scans per day (you just have to launch them manually by batches of 10).

Q. Can I really sell brands on Amazon? I'm not a distributor or a supplier...

This is a common misconception. As long as the brand hasn't explicitely asked Amazon to forbid it, you can sell branded products.
You may need to get approval from Amazon to sell some products, but we're here to help with that as well :).

Q. How much money can I make selling on Amazon?

It depends on a few factors: your risk appetite, your strategy: FBA or FBM and your initial capital.
To give you an idea, most sellers who start dropshipping with 1000 euros, make between 300 and 400 profit their first month.

Q. Can I cancel my membership anytime?

Yes! At ProfitWolf we don't like to hold anyone prisoner of a product they don't use. You can cancel your membership directly in your personal settings. You will then still have access to ProfitWolf until the end of your current billing cycle.